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Outside of the outstanding customer service, this place holds a near and dear to my heart.

May of 2022, my husband and I got married across the street from the Hotel Monaco. Our wedding suite and guests were hosted here as well.

Today I sit here remincing of that beautiful day. Today being much different as I check attendees in for their advisory board.

I initially started this blog to share the wild and crazy experiences we share as traveling meeting planners. I mean, Forbes did rate our job as the 5th most stressful job with a stress score of 51.15… whatever that means?!  What I realized today as I embark in my entrenepeurship as a new business owner to a small meeting planner company, this career is not a stressor for me. I feel very calm and at peace. There are so many beautiful moments, relationships and memories you get to create and experience in doing what we do.

This job could be a stressor if you make it that way. I know so many that do and it is such a shame. It pushes that stress down throughout your team. I have always said, if you create the stress, your team and clients will feel that stress too.

Yesterday, I checked into my room, which would be my office for the day and as expected 🙂 my first attendee to arrive did not have a hotel reservation…GREATT! First thought, don’t stress, there is a solution..even though I didn’t know what that was just yet.  Luckily, I was local, I packed up my things and gave my room to her in an instant as the hotel was sold out. We didn’t share with the attendee that a room was not secured, we kept all of that mess behind closed doors. If I weren’t local, I would have looked for an alternative stay. What I have learned over the past 8+ years as a planner, is there is always a solution. It might look different than the inital plan, it might not be what everyone wanted or it could be better than you and the client had imagined.

As we continued with this program, the staff was excellent, they were very quiet but managed everything as quickly as possible. I didn’t have to remind anyone to do their job, they just did it. People weren’t  


Hotel Monaco – Philadelphia


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